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Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy

"A ketamine journey provides a respite from the stress and distractions of our daily lives.  Within that pause, we discover the infinite creativity deep within." - Amanda Yoder

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Amanda Yoder, LCSW

Amanda Yoder and I provide a curated and individualized approach to ketamine-assisted psychotherapy.  We view this treatment as a journey, an initial experience with ketamine that works as a change agent and becomes integrated at deeper levels over time.  Some individuals may require only one experience with the ketamine to spark an awareness or openness which can then be harnessed through therapy or personal reflection to fuel the hard work of healing and growth.  Others may respond better to a protocol, or series, of "journeys" which deepen and expand their awareness over the course of weeks or months.  In our experience, it is most useful to commit to a minimum of two or three sessions to find an optimal dose and begin to develop a cadence, or flow, within the process.

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1 / Initial Consultation with Amanda Yoder

$200.  45 minutes.  The consultation and alliance-building period will require at least 2 appointments, likely more.  Amanda will begin to understand your story, your goals for KAP, and your current psychotherapeutic support.  She will be able to answer initial questions about the experience and you will assess, together, whether our services and your needs are aligned.  The two of you will work to build sufficient mutual understanding and trust to create a safe space for the work.

2 / Medical Intake

$400.  60 minutes.  You and I will meet in person only (no telehealth).  This appointment will cover your past psychiatric, medical, family, and social histories, standardized symptom assessments, evaluation of vital signs and a focused physical exam as needed.  I will take a close look at your current medication regimen and any health conditions to ensure medical appropriateness for ketamine use, and make recommendations, if needed, to prepare you for the journey.  I will also coordinate with any medical providers (Psychiatrists, Primary Care) as needed, with your written permission.  During this appointment we will review the medical informed consent and how the risk/benefit profile of KAP applies to you as a unique individual.

3 / In-Office KAP Session with Amanda and myself

$1200.  3 to 3 1/2 hours.  Arrival, settling into the space, intention-setting, medical assessment and sign-off, ketamine dose, journey, post-journey integrative psychotherapy, and medical clearance.  You will not be permitted to drive yourself home after the journey.

4 / Post-journey integration sessions with Amanda

$200.  45 minutes.  These sessions are an essential part of the work and will be scheduled as needed on an individual basis.  Amanda will coordinate with your regular therapist to ensure your work is primed to continue its evolution even after your session(s) with her are complete.



Reach out to Amanda to begin the process.


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