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Healing Mind, Body & Spirit
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Kriste Babbitt, MD, PLLC 
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Hi.  Let me tell you about my work.

​I am a board-certified psychiatrist with a background in psychoanalytic psychotherapy and trauma-related disorders who is expanding into more foundational biological and body-centered work as well as the more esoteric and spiritual work of ketamine-assisted psychotherapy.

I am not currently accepting new patients in my private practice for psychotherapy or medication management.  I am, however, expanding my work with two new endeavors in collaboration with highly trusted colleagues.

Megan Vardeman, PA-C, has joined with me to found Your Wellness Practice, PLLC, a membership-based general wellness practice with a depth-oriented approach to understanding functional physiology and the subtle interplays between physical and mental health.  

Amanda Yoder, LCSW is my partner in ketamine-assisted psychotherapy.  Together, we have cultivated a personalized and thoughtful approach to this very special work, and we are just beginning to open our space up to invite direct referrals from colleagues who have patients they believe could benefit.

Please reach out to begin a conversation with myself or my colleagues, if you would like to know more.