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Integrative Psychiatry & Wellness

Working as a psychiatrist, and living life as a human being, I have learned to recognize the interconnectedness of all things.


Finding Balance

Physical health, just like mental health, requires a balance between resources and demands. The biological correlate to psychological stress is inflammation, resulting from acute or chronic challenges to our natural and preferred state of being. These processes of physical and psychological stress, and our attempts at compensating for them, work not only in parallel, but also interweave with each other in obvious and sometimes subtle ways. As I have explored more of these connections, it has become increasingly apparent to me that optimal psychic wellness cannot exist in the absence of physiologic wellness. It became a natural extension for me to return to a more fundamental exploration of the body, its biochemistry, and its interconnected systems

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The YWP team works with individuals on restoring health with a functional and integrative approach.  Lifestyle and nutrition assessments, comprehensive lab testing, and more specialized testing for gut, nutrition, toxicity, metabolic, and endocrine assessments complement traditional psychiatric and psychotherapeutic interventions and allow us to identify the root causes of imbalance.  Interventions include nutrition and lifestyle modifications, herbals and nutraceuticals, prescription medications, guided detoxification, IV infusions, traditional medication management, psychotherapy, and ketamine therapies.

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