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Hello and welcome.

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I became a psychiatrist out of a deep respect for the complexity of the human mind.  As I have practiced over time, I have experienced the gift of knowing individuals with different talents, struggles, life paths, and perspectives.  My respect for the mind, and the whole person, has deepened.  I have very naturally found my curiosity pulling me to expand my exploration beyond the depths of the psyche to the foundations of our body physiology, and the ethereal human spirit.

Believing whole-heartedly in the value of integration, I have broadened my work to include functional medicine and wellness and ketamine therapy.  While I am not accepting new patients in this practice for medication management or traditional psychotherapy, I am pleased to be collaborating with others to create the space for healing within these new modalities.   I invite you to explore what we are offering in integrative health and wellness, ketamine infusions, and ketamine-assisted psychotherapy.

I would be honored to be part of your journey.  Please be in touch if you would like to begin a conversation.

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4295 San Felipe St, Suite 205

Houston, TX, 77027

Office: 713.337.9009

Fax: 832.827.8507

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